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How Many Tigers In Tadoba: Popular Tigers of Tadoba

                 Tadoba Andhari National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Chandrapur district of Vidarbha division in the Indian state of Maharashtra.  It is one of the largest and oldest national parks created in 1955  in the state.

               It is also one of India’s 28 Project Tiger Reserve. The National Park is 623 km  in area, consisting of two forested rectangles of the Tadoba and Andhari range.

         In the famous Tadoba forest, the total number of tigers is always a question to be asked, while there are many wildlife in this forest besides the tiger.

Wildlife found in the Tadoba forest

                   Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India is home to many animals, including: Royal Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, gaur, small Indian civet, jungle cats, sambar, barking deer, Indian pangolins , chital, chausingha, honey badger, sambar, wild boar, porcupines, common langurs, flying squirrel, chinkara, blue bull, sloth bears and wolf.

                     Tadoba is home to a wide variety of reptiles, including marsh crocodiles and threatened Indian pythons.  With  195  species of birds and  74 species of butterflies, Tadoba offers an unparalleled wildlife experience.

how many tigers in tadoba

According to the 2023 Phase  reports , the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) has 44 male and 47 female tigers.

                    The goal of any major national flying safari is to see the Royal Bengal Tiger..When you’re in an open gypsy and all of a sudden you see that tiger, your chest beats a lot (you’ll take a deep breath). So what is the tiger population of these tigers in the city?  According to the 2018  Tiger Census, there are an estimated  population of 88 tigers along with numerous other animals.

                           According to the 2023 Phase  reports , the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) has 44 male and 47 female tigers. The park also has 151 leopards and over 300 other species of wildlife. The Tadoba  is the most populated tiger reserve in India.

What to Expect Tadoba Safari

                    Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) has dense forest. And when you enter this dense forest, everyone wants to see the tiger.But your luck is important to see these tigers. Even after doing two gypsy safaris a day, no one gets to see the tiger. But that’s what sometimes if luck is good, you’ll see a tiger right away. Also, the guide who is with you plays an important role in this.A good guide who has experience of the forest. He knows where the tiger is now. Then he will see the tiger as you want it.


   Maya Known as the “Queen of Tadoba” and a crowd-puller, Maya is known for her bravery and bold attitude. She is often seen near tourist jeeps.


           Matkasur is the present king of Tadoba and most dominant tiger in the jungle. The young and well-built tiger has been able to protect the cubs as well as Maya from various threats

Gabbar or Scarface –

  Gabbar is another most popular and ferocious male tiger of Tadoba. Gabbar is also one of the ex-mates of Maya, and they were both referred to as the ‘beauty and the beast’ of Tadoba.

Choti Tara-

 Choti Tara, One of the OG Tiger queen of Tadoba. The tigress has given birth to around two litters and is generally seen walking in the forest along with her cubs.


established his own empire over a large area of this tiger reserve.

 This tiger with a healthy physique is the pride of Tadoba and has established his own empire over a large area of this tiger reserve.  In 2015, when no tiger was dominant in Moharli, ‘Bajrang’  suddenly reached there.


     A handsome tiger of Tadoba, Shivaji is regarded as the son of Waghdoh, the dominant male tiger known for its huge size. 

Chota Matka.

          Chota Matka is a powerful large tiger from the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. It is the ruler of the Navegaon Ramdega buffer zone. 


Madhuri was a legendary tigress in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve She was the mother of more than 24 cubs and was known as the “old queen of Tadoba”. Madhuri was famous for her duo with Wagdoh,


She is known for her striking appearance and fierce nature. Sonam is the daughter of Madhuri, the former tiger queen of Tadoba, and Wagdoh, 

Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park

              Tadoba National Park is open to visitors from October 1 to June 30 every year, and the park remains closed for the monsoon season from July 1 to September 30. You can plan Tadoba Tiger Reserve according to your wish.

 If you want to make a plan to come to Tadoba, then let’s know which weather is good.So it is important to see which is the best time to visit Tadoba National Park For Jungle Safari

Tadoba National Park  In The Summer Season

The summer temperature is very high especially in the month of May. Therefore, there are better chances of seeing a tiger.
The summer temperature is very high especially in the month of May. Therefore, there are better chances of seeing a tiger.

                             March to May is considered a good time for the tiger’s achievement. May month is the best time to visit Tadoba National Park For Jungle Safari.Most tourists and photographers like to live in this month. The summer temperature is very high especially in the month of May. Therefore, there are better chances of seeing a tiger.  .At the same time, you see Royal Bengal Tiger and other wildlife of Tadoba coming near cold water to quench their thirst. Sometimes you can see Tiger playing in the pond. If you do morning safari in this summer, then you do not have as much problem of heat. You can book your safari tickets 120 days in advance, and it is recommended to book at least 30-60 days in advance to ensure availability

Tadoba National Park  In The Winter Season

In winter, you enjoy Tadoba's jungle safari is a different experience.
In winter, you enjoy Tadoba’s jungle safari is a different experience.

                Another popular time to visit the Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve is the winterseason (October-February). Winters are the best time to visit Tadoba as the weather is pleasant to enjoy the safari. In winter, you enjoy Tadoba’s jungle safari is a different experience. In this season, the trees become green in the bushes. The winter sun is enjoyed by the wildlife too; hence you can easily spot various animals, including leopards, tigers, sloth bears, wild boars, and different types of deer.

Tadoba National Park  In Monsoon Season

                  The tadoba region receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, making it extremely difficult to enjoy the beauty that Tadobaoffers. Due to the proximity of Tadoba to the south, it rains a lot, traffic by road is difficult. Since it coincides with the breeding season of animals, the park remains closed for visitors during this monsoon season (July-September)season.

                This rainy season, you can visit Tadoba’s other lake, and butterfly garden, Visapur Botanical Garden

Best Time To Visit Tadoba:

 You may be thinking of doing a Tadoba safari. So we suggest you enjoy a morning safari. By the way then there is morning safari and late afternoon safari  in Tadoba.The tiger travels more in the morning, so the chances of seeing the tiger are higher in the morning.Similarly, in the afternoon, you will be able to see the tiger while resting or you will also see them playing with their cubs.





                  The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is divided into three zones Moharli Range, Tadoba Range and Kolsa Range.There are 6 gates to go to the core zone and 16 gates to go to the buffer zone.

The Entry Gates of the Core Zone of Tadoba

1.Moharli Gate

The entrance of tigers is Mohrli Gate.
The entrance of tigers is Mohrli Gate.

The entrance of tigers is Mohrli Gate. The favorite gate of Indian tourists is Mohrl gate . Moharli Gate is the most popular gate of Tadoba National Park If you really want to enjoy nature and if you are wild, then get access by booking through Mohrli Gate. Also, most gypsies are also released from Mohrli Gate. When you go to the deep forest from Mohrli Gate, you will see many wild animals.

2. Kolara Gate

             Kolara gate is located at a distance of around 120 kilometer from Nagpur airport or railway station. Kolara Gate is one of the oldest gates of Tadoba. Kolara Gate allows daily nine tiger safaris each morning and evening i.e 18 safaris available in a day for tourists. Kolara Gate is one of the major tourism entry points of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and is best known for its proximity to TATR tiger sighting hotspots.

3. Navegaon Gate

    Navegaon is one of the best buffer gates in Tadoba National Park.
Navegaon is one of the best buffer gates in Tadoba National Park.

    Navegaon is one of the best buffer gates in Tadoba National Park.This gate offers wild safari experiences and is known for its diverse wildlife population. Visitors have the opportunity to spot a variety of animals, including tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and various species of birds.Nvaegaon Gate is 90km away from Chandrapur, 105 km away from Nagpur, and it is located in Chimur Tehsil village, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra.

4. Khutwanda Gate

               Khutwanda Gate is famous as one of the best wild life Gates.  Khutwanda gate is the middle gate of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and so it is well interconnected with the several ranges of Tadoba. Tourists prefer this renowned gate for their Safari ride as the sightings from this gate is generous. 

5. Pangdi Gate:

              The distance between Pangdi gate and Nagpur is 250 km and the number of vehicles allowed for tiger safari are two each morning and evening, making it a total number of 4 rides a day. 2 core gates have been made to enter this zone, Pangadi & Zari Gate. You can also book a safari from Pangadi Aswal Chuha, Keslaghat & Zari Peth gate of the buffer zone.

6. Zari safari gate

Zari safari gate
Zari safari gate

         Zari safari gate, located 30 mins ahead of the deep forest of the Tadoba National Park. Spending nights near the Zari zone is not a significant factor, and you will get access to the most luxurious hotel around it. They will provide you with all the facilities If you want to study tribal culture closely then Zari Gate is a great option.

The Entry Gates of the Buffer Zone of Tadoba

1 Agarzari Gate

           Agarzari Gate is the gate located in Tadobam center. Agarzari Gate is chosen as a great option for the people of the city. Many people especially like this gate because it is chosen to see tigers and other animals.

2.Junona Gate

Junona Gate is a gate located very close to Chandpur town. Through this gate, access is made through the core and buffer zones of Tadoba. A total of 18 Jeep Safaris are available at Junona Gate. 6 jeeps in the morning, 6 jeeps in the evening and 6 jeeps at night.

3 Ramdegi-Navegaon Gate

Ramdegi-Navegaon is one of the best buffer gates in Tadoba National Park. It comes in Kolara buffer zones. This gate offers a morning and evening safari. A day’s safari comprises six Jeeps in the morning and six in the evening, for a total of 12 safaris in a day.

4 Mamla Gate

  MamaLA GATE is the nearest gate from Chandrapur. Many beautiful birds and wild animals are found along with tigers.

5. Adegaon gate

               Adegaon is a gate of the Bor Tiger Reserve and is renowned for wildlife sightings, water bodies, and scenic beauty.


          You can choose this gate for a great opportunity to see tigers. If you want to get in touch with nature and you can take a safari at Keslaghat.

7. Madnapur Gate

             Spotting tigers here is good enough and we can assure you that you will come across many species as well. One of the amazing buffer zones where Zunabai female tigress is popular here.Now take chance.

8. Palasgaon Gate

                 Come to Tadoba to explore the forest at night. Anexperience in search for shining eyes and thus animals in the dark forest. You can enjoy night safari here.

Tadoba VS Pench


India has a lot of wildlife and national parks, but if you are thinking of visiting two of the most popular national parks and you are visiting India with a passion to see more tigers, here is some information for you. Trying to find out which of these two national parks is the best for you.TADOBA VS PENCH IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR visitors

Tadoba VS Pench
Tadoba VS Pench

Introduction to National Park

Tadoba Andhari National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Chandrapur district of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state in India. It is the oldest and largest national park of Maharashtra. Created in 1955, this reserve includes Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary.Pench National Park is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Named after the river Pench, Pench National Park is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India.    


Both Pench and Tadoba are home to a wide variety of wildlife including tigers, leopards, bears, Indian bison, monkeys, and deer, peacocks, and various species of birds. But by the way Tadoba Udayan has more than five tiger density. If you want maximum tiger sighting then you can choose Tadoba.

Gypsy Safari

Gypsy Safari

In both Tadoba and Pench you can enjoy open gypsy safaris and spot tigers and other animals but since Tadoba is a larger area than Pench, you can enjoy a gypsy safari in a different way. So your experience of happiness will be different.

Forest Night Safari

You can enjoy night safari in Pench and Tadoba sanctuaries but since Tadoba is more in area you can enter core zone and buffer zone. If you see tigers in dense forest at night time with the chirping of night insects then how would you experience this Tadoba. Or in a sanctuary of embarrassment. But in such a night safari you are more likely to see a tiger in Tadoba than in Pench.

Distance from Nagpur

If you want to go by plane to Tadoba National Park, the nearest airport to Tadoba National Park is in Nagpur which is served by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport and it is located at a distance of 140 km from Tadoba.   You can use air transport to reach Pench Udayan. The first option is Dr. Nagpur. Access to Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport. This airport is located at a distance of 130 km from Pench.  

place of residence

All types of hotels are available in Tadoba and Pench, which you can select according to your choice and budget. You can also stay in chandrapur for Tadoba. A rest house is also available in the forest.

Tadoba and Pench National Udayan are very popular both are Udayan now you can choose according to your likes and preferences.

How to Reach Tadoba National Park

How to Reach Tadoba National Park
How to Reach Tadoba National Park

                       Tadoba Andhari National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Chandrapur district of Vidarbha division in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the oldest and largest national park in Maharashtra. Created in 1955, the reserve includes Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. The reserve includes 577.96 square kilometers (223.15 sq mi) of reserved forests and 32.51 square kilometers (12.55 sq mi) of protected forests.

How can you reach here?

By Air

How to Reach Tadoba National Park
How to Reach Tadoba National Park

If you want to go by plane to Tadoba National Park, the nearest airport to Tadoba National Park is in Nagpur which is served by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport and it is located at a distance of 140 km from Tadoba. This airport is connected to the major cities of India by air and various flights are also operated here on a daily basis.After landing at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, you can hire a bus, cab or taxi to reach Tadoba National Park.

Delhi to Nagpur Non-Stop Flight

AirlineDepart          ArriveDuration  
Indigo05:0506:451 h 40 min only
Indigo07:1008:401 h 30 min only
Indigo21:1522:551 h 40 min only
Indigo18:3020:101 h 40 min only

Mumbai to Nagpur Non-Stop Flights:

AirlineDepart          ArriveDuration  
Indigo00:101:401 h 30 min only
Indigo21:1022:351 h 25 min only
Indigo6:207:451 h 25 min only
Air India19:2020:551 h 35 min only

By Train

you want to come by train, the nearest railway station to Tadoba National Park is at Chandrapur
you want to come by train, the nearest railway station to Tadoba National Park is at Chandrapur

          If you want to come by train, the nearest railway station to Tadoba National Park is at Chandrapur, which is about 50 kilometers from Tadoba Tiger Reserve. After reaching the railway station you can reach Tadoba National Park by taking a bus or a taxi. You can enter Tadoba National Park from Moharli Gate.

Mumbai To Chandrapur Train Running Information:

Train NameDepart          ArriveDuration  
01127 – LTT BPQ SPL09:45 PM LTT Mumbai  10:56 AM CD Chandrapur  13 h 11 min only
01011 – LTT BPQ SF SPL08:50 PM LTT Mumbai  10:38 AM CD Chandrapur  13 h 48 min only
07198 – DR KZJ SPL09:45 PM DR Mumbai  06:38 PM CD Chandrapur  20h 53 min only

By Road

                 If you want to travel to Tadoba National Park by road or bus,
If you want to travel to Tadoba National Park by road or bus,

                 If you want to travel to Tadoba National Park by road or bus, there is a good bus service available from some cities and towns of Maharashtra to these places, by which you can easily reach Chandrapur bus stand. After alighting at the bus stand, you can take the help of local transport to reach Tadoba National Park.

City NameKMDuration  
Nagpur to Tadoba1322h 55 min only
Pune to Tadoba78813 h 39 min only
Raipur to Tadoba3335h 33 min only
Hyderabad to Tadoba4358h 15 min only

Elon Musk’s arrival in India:-and the rise in the EV space


Tesla Chief Elon Musk is scheduled to arrive in India on Sunday and will meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. Musk is then expected to attend an event organized by the Government of India with space startups in New Delhi, at present many countries are ready to invest in India, then how will Elon Musk be left behind. Anyway, in an interview to a news channel, Ma Narendra Modi had said that the labor should be ours only for that company.

      That is to say , the arrival of Elon Musk will have a different impact on Indian EV car production (though in short, some points are important here).

Import tax reduction

India has higher taxes on imports due to its policy of promoting local industries. This is called import substitution industrialization (ISI). Higher import duties are the result of this policy, which is also necessary in developing countries like India. It is also important to protect industries from international trade.

          For years, Elon Musk opposed India’s high import tariffs for EVs and tried to change that. India’s government unveiled a new  EV policy in March that reduced import taxes on some models from 100% to  15%  if  a carmaker invests at least $500 million and starts a car ing project. Now the result is that Elon Musk is attracted to Indian investment.

EV market in India

  By the way, India is still in its infancy in terms of electric cars. India still does not have the response as much as it should in terms of electric cars. And Tata Motors dominates the electric car sector. EVs accounted for only 2% of total car sales in 2023, but the government has set a target of making 30% of new car EVs by 2030.

Along with electric cars, there could also be a roadmap for investment in the case of manufacturers of the supplements it needs. Investment in the battery manufacturing sector can also be a part of the investment,

 Employment opportunities

             Elon Musk will come to India to bring new investment projects that will also provide new employment opportunities to the youth of India. Tesla owners can disclose the amount of their investment in India, but it is not yet known how long the investment will take place and in which state of the country .

Impact of EV on the environment

The impact of EV cars  on the environment is generally seen as positive compared to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles emit zero tailpipe emissions, which reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions However, the production of electric vehicles with batteries can have environmental effects such as increasing resources and energy consumption. 

Bollywood to IPL: A unique story of Punjab Kings co-owner Preity Zinta


Preity Zinta is known as a well-known figure in Bollywood, as well as a notable sports entrepreneur as the co-owner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Punjab Kings. She has a different skill set. So she has created an important place in the world of sports. She has professional skills. Take a look at her growth in net worth, including her continued earnings from films and commercials, due to her strategic investment in the Indian Premier League.

Preity Zinta is known as a well-known figure in Bollywood, as well as a notable sports entrepreneur as the co-owner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Punjab Kings

IPL excitement

 Preity Zinta has been the co-owner of Punjab Kings since 2008.  She is present at the ground during every match of Punjab Kings. Her presence excites the Punjab Kings crowd. She is known as the youngest co-owner of an IPL team. Preity’s investment in the team is Rs 35 crore.

Preity Zinta’s Bollywood career

Since making her debut with ‘Dil Se’ in 1998, she has made a name for herself in several well-known Bollywood films. Her role in films like ‘Lakshya’ and ‘Veer Zara’ has been important. She has also worked with Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai. Koi Mil Gaya is also one of her hit films. She has acted in Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi and English films.

Additional roles

Beyond acting, Preeti is also a producer and supports the brand with 11 million followers on social media.

Personal life

Preity Zinta was born on 31 January 1975, and was a beautiful and sweet girl. Preity Zinta’s first husband was Ness Wadia. The two were together for five years but for some reason Ness and Preity broke up in 2014. Preity tied the knot on February 29, 2016, after dating Jean Goodenough for five years in a small Hindu ceremony in Los Angeles. They had auctioned their wedding photos to raise money for charity.

Preity Zinta is a source of inspiration

Known for her personality and generosity, Preity Zinta has been a source of inspiration and kindness, making a mark in both entertainment and sports management.

 Holding assets

 Her total assets in 2023 are estimated at $30 million (Rs 183 crore). Preeti owns several properties, including houses in Mumbai and Shimla. Preity’s investment in the IPL team is Rs 35 crore.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:- Rules for Entry


 If you are entering the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, then you must know this rule. All these rules are applicable only for tourists who want to enter the core zone by booking.

1. Entry and exit time

All tourists are expected to follow the entry and exit timings of Tadoba Park. Under no circumstances will any exemption be given to anyone during the exit time. If you do not see Tiger there, then in such a situation, you will have to get out of the forest. Rescheduling is not done. At Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Park, visitors are advised to arrive before the scheduled time to avoid any inconvenience. Late entry is not permitted.

2. Identity Certificate:-

For all Indian nationals seeking entry into Tadoba Park, any of the identity proofs is acceptable here:  

  •  Voter Photo identity card
  •    PAN Card
  •    Driving License
  •  Student identity card with photo issued by the school/college to its students. (Student Identity Card)
  •   “Aadhaar” verified photo, (Unique Identification Card “Aadhaar”) ·   
  •    Passbook of Nationalized bank with attested photograph   
  •     For Foreign Tourist, only (passport is accepted as ID Proof.)

3. ID proof and valid entry ticket: —

The tourist’s ID proof should be shown at the entrance along with a valid entry ticket; Otherwise entry will not be allowed. Original ID proof should be shown to any forest officials if asked for at any time during the safari.

And it is necessary that photocopies of ID (Xerox) will not be considered.

The pass along with ID proof must be presented at the time of entering inside the Tiger Reserve and/or when demanded by any forest officer.

4. General Online Booking :-

Tadoba Park General Online Booking opens at  08:00  AM  120 days prior to the date of entry.

Bookings close at  17:00  four days before the date of entry. For example, if you want to book Tadoba Park for October 1, then you can book till  17:00  on September 27.

Any cancellation or any remaining quota at any gate after the normal online booking is closed is added to the instant online quota for that particular gate.

5. Instant Online Booking:-

Tadoba Park booking opens at  08:00  three  days prior to the date of entry. For example, bookings for October 1  will open on September 28  at  08:00 hrs. Booking closes at  17:00  two days before the date of entry. For example, bookings for October 1  will close on September  29.

These booked bookings are non-transferable. No one and anyone is allowed to make additional changes after confirmed booking.  Children below  8  years of age are allowed free entry without mentioning them in the booking.

6. Tadoba Andhari Gypsy Safari:-

In case of Tadoba Park’s Gypsy Safari, the online payment includes vehicle charges and guide charges which you have to pay at the time of booking.

7. Tadoba Andhari Photography: –

A maximum of 3  gypsies are allowed per day for photography in Tadoba Andhari Park. The applicant has to apply to the field director with valid online safari booking for morning or evening  for the day on which admission is required. Entry and exit are allowed only from the gate for which the applicant has confirmed the online booking. For all-day photography, the vehicle (gypsy) is allowed to enter fifteen minutes before the scheduled opening time and exit fifteen minutes after the scheduled closing time. Only three persons are allowed in the vehicle except the driver and guide.

8.  Emergency Refund Amount: –

In any area of Tadoba Andhari Park. The visitor may be locked up without any prior notice in case of any emergency including for reasons such as floods, landslides, strikes, public agitations, etc. In case of closure of the entire park by TATR management after booking, for any reason, tourists will be refunded the entire booking amount online. However, there are no online transaction fees/fees. Service Fee Tax, if any, will not be refunded under any circumstances.

9. Detention of tourist for misconduct:-

Any officer of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is empowered to expel any vehicle/tourist on grounds of misbehaviour  which may  cause inconvenience, siege, inducement, feeding, shouting,  obstructing the natural movement of any wildlife. If the tourist inconveniences the natural movement of wildlife, the siege is the right to expel them.

10. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and non-vegetarian food

is not allowed inside the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Visitors can never take such products inside.

11. Garbage Free Area: –

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is a clean and garbage free area. It is forbidden to do any kind of garbage here. Visitors are requested to carry a garbage bag and bring all their litter outside the Tiger Reserve.. . Keep the garbage inside the gypsy, do not put garbage outside the gypsy.

12. Firearms and Smoking Ban, Pet Prisoners:-

No firearms of any kind are allowed within the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Smoking or lighting any kind of fire inside the tiger reserve is strictly prohibited. Pets are not allowed inside the Tiger Reserve.

13.Rules for Vehicle: –

Visitors are allowed entry only in specially designated vehicles registered with Tiger Reserve Authorities and there is a restriction on the entry of any other own vehicle. Visitors are not allowed to disembark from the vehicle inside the Tiger Reserve except at designated places. Your guide gives you information about the designated places.

14. Special rules for visitors: –

Blowing car horn, loud shouting and playing music on one’s mobile or any other musical instrument is strictly prohibited within the Tiger Reserve. Inside, the creatures in the forest are disturbed. Teasing or chasing animals or coming too close to them and/or stalking them Or you can’t make any effort to feed them or do anything like that.

All visitors to the Tiger Reserve are governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and the Rules made thereunder.

Top 5 Tiger Reserves in India


India is a proud home of over 70% of the tiger population in the world.  This magnificent creature has been entitled as India’s national animal, signifying its role as a cultural and natural asset. Which can be a better place to spot a tiger than India? Seeing these exotic cat species in their natural habitat is a dream for many wildlife fanatics across the world.

a list of the top 5 tiger reserves in India.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

Ranthambore National park is spread over an area of 392 sq km. along with its nearby sanctuaries like, the Mansingh Sanctuary and Kaila Devi Sanctuary.The park is majorly famous for its tigers, and is one of the best locations in India to see the majestic predators in its natural habitat. The tigers can easily be spotted even during the day time, busy in hunting and taking proper care of their young ones.

            The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, situated in Sawai Madhopur in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, is one of the largest tiger habitats in the country. It was initially established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and has since evolved to become one of India’s principal tiger reserves.

Best Time to Visit Ranthambore    —     October to June

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand

Established in 1936, this is India’s first national park. It is named after the legendary naturalist and conservationist Jim Corbett.  Located at the Himalayas’ foothills, near the popular hill-station of Nainital.  enjoy a fascinating jungle safari or a thrilling trek amid the wilderness. Elephant safari is another enticing way to explore the entire region. Besides Bengal tigers, the tiger reserve is home to over 585 species of birds and 7 species of amphibians, among other varieties of fauna.

Tadoba National Park Maharashtra

         “Tadoba National Park”, also known as the “Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve” is one of India’s 47 project tiger reserves existing in India. It lies in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state and is approximately 150 km from Nagpur city.

             The Tadoba National Park is divided into three separate forest ranges, i.e. Tadoba north range, Kolsa south range, and Morhurli range, which is sandwiched in between the first two. There are two lakes and one river in the park, which gets filled every monsoon, the ‘Tadoba Lake,’ ‘Kolsa Lake,’ and ‘Tadoba River.’ These lakes and rivers provide vital ingredients needed to sustain the park’s life.

The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is rich in flora and fauna. Some of the famous and wildly seen flora of this park include, Teak, Ain, Bija, Dhauda, Hald, Salai, Semal, Tendu, Beheda, Hirda, Karaya gum, Mahua Madhuca, Arjun, Bamboo, Bheria, Black Plum, and many others. Apart from this the list of animals noted in this part include, Tigers, Indian leopards, Sloth bears, Gaur, Nilgai, Dhole, Striped Hyena, Small Indian Civet, Jungle Cats, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chital, Marsh Crocodile, Indian Python, Indian Cobra, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Peacock, Jewel Beetles, Wolf Spiders, etc.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

        Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh Bandhavgarh National Park is spread over the Vindhya hills in Madhya Pradesh. The national park consists of a core area of 105 sq km and a buffer area of approximately 400 sq km. The topography of the whole area varies between steep ridges, undulating forest and open meadows. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers. The density of the tiger population at Bandhavgarh is the highest known in India as well as in the world.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

Bandipur National Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful and better-managed national parks of India. Located amidst the picturesque surroundings of the towering Western Ghats on the Mysore-Ooty highway in Karnataka.

With picturesque surroundings, abundant wildlife, and numerous exciting things to do, Bandipur Tiger Reserve is one of the biggest tiger reserves in India. It is the beautiful abode of tigers and other animals like Indian elephants, gaurs, jackals, and sloth bears. But what makes it stand out from the rest is an array of adventure activities, like camping, nature trails, white water rappelling, jeep safari, and river rafting.

DR Ambedkar Jayanti 2024:


Greetings to that great man..! Today, Dr. The entire country is celebrating the 133rd birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti 2024: Dr. The birth anniversary of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar is celebrated every year on April 14 across the country. This year, the entire country is celebrating his 133 rd birth anniversary.

The chief architect of the Indian Constitution

On April 14. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary is being celebrated. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is the architect of the Indian Constitution. At that time, many things were considered untouchable in the society. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar fought all his life to ensure that Dalits, the oppressed and the backward people got their rights.  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a great thinker, social reformer, jurist and economist. He is also called the architect of the Indian Constitution.

Babasaheb’s life was a struggle.

Dr. Ambedkar was born on April 14,  1891, in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, and faced caste discrimination from an early age because of the harsh caste system in India. But he studied hard, specialized in education and earned a doctorate in economics from Columbia University. After studying law at the London School of Economics, he returned to India and started practicing law.

Babasaheb’s work on women

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a staunch supporter of women’s liberation. Babasaheb, who fought to eradicate the inequalities that were deeply rooted in the Indian social system,  was uncomfortable with the injustice and atrocities against women. Women’s marriages against their will and forced childbirth were also affected. He firmly believed that education was the only effective means of changing this situation. He often presented this idea in his articles and lectures to instill this idea in the society.

 As the first Labour Minister of independent India, Babasaheb took and implemented many decisions for the empowerment of women. Maternity allowance for mining women,  same wages as men for female workers in coal mines, a ban on the practice of polygamy,  21 days of retail leave for labourers and working women, one month’s paid leave, compensation in case of injury and 20 Important decisions such as the provision of pension after years of service should be mentioned.

Babasaheb’s contribution to the Constitution

Babasaheb Ambedkar played a very important role in the creation of the Constitution for the implementation of equality, freedom, justice and equal opportunity for indian citizens  .  He played an important role in incorporating important provisions such as fundamental rights, federal structure and protection for minorities and the underprivileged.  He specifically stressed  on rights such as religious freedom, abolition of untouchability and protection from exploitation.

                 Babasaheb supported the federal system to ensure a strong central government and division of powers between states. He also worked to protect the rights of minorities. An important figure in Indian history, Ambedkar was also a jurist, economist, politician and social reformer.

Babasaheb Ambedkar’s path of social democracy will inspire us to create a world based on equality. Happy Ambedkar Jayanti!